Research into “Self Portrait” photographers:

tumblr_mnzofhdbm61qdkg9io1_1280 tumblr_n4ssnixfTy1qdkg9io2_250tumblr_mhk7fgPXgA1qdkg9io1_1280
Britney Panda Photography
Britney is an uprising american contemporary photographer, who has a unique style and technique in her photographs. Most of her portraits consist of herself being the model.
Although in the UK her photography is yet to be noticed, Britney’s work has been featured in many blogs and magazines/catalogs, some of these being self portraits or commissioned work from certain businesses.

Her most recent work have a very eerie, mysterious atmosphere, creating a story within the photo. This is created through her unusual body positions and the “faceless” posing, allowing us to read further into the photo without being able to recognise or identify the person’s  facial expressions and features.

tumblr_nbhnzvSkMs1rkwavlo1_1280 tumblr_me6x537ets1rkwavlo1_1280

Throughout her series of photos, Britney seems to have only used natural light. By doing so she has created both interesting shadows as well as perfectly lit photos with no shadows at all.  They all however have very low saturated and low colour tones to them, making them look flat and as if they’ve been shot on a film camera. 
This also helps to create the atmosphere of the photo, keeping it very plain with no popping colours to draw your attention away from the subject.

What would I like to take from Britney Panda’s work?
If I was to experiment with anything from her work I would chose to keep myself anonymous. I think in a photo where you want to make it seem mysterious and eerie this works very effectively. This is definitely something I will be experimenting with, as well as using very plain colour tones.


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